April 17, 2004

NBA: It's (sorta-kinda-not-really) FANTASTIC

I've never been less interested in the NBA than I am right now. It's due party to the relative lousiness of the SuperSonics. (Has anyone else noticed the Sonics have the same obsessions over "character"? Is the Sonics endless mediocrity the destiny of the M's. Answers: Yes and Most Likely.) My dislike for the NBA is also due to the fact that the current games are damn-near unwatchable. So these predictions should be roundly ignored; as they are fairly uneducated.

Western-Round 1
#1 Minnesota over #8 Denver in 5
-Melo and the Nuggets will steal at least 1 game, and give the T-Wolves nightmares in the others, but Minnesota is a markedly better team.

#2 Los Angeles over #7 Houston in 6
-Nothing the Lake Show does will shock me. They could lose here, or pull a Moses Malone (Fo,Fo,Fo). The current Rockets are a crime against the sport: the best passing big man since Walton is stuck with a defense-crazed coach and two munchkin guards who think it's illegal to go more than 12 seconds between shots.

#3 San Antonio over #6 Memphis in 6
-A couple weeks ago I thought this was a great pick for an upset, but the Grizz have been so stone cold since then I've reconsidered. Memphis is just about my favorite team right now, they play something close to team basketball, and Hubie Brown is just fun. Still, the incredibly boring Spurs are the better team.

#5 Dallas over #4 Sacramento in 7
-Yeah I know the Mavs have never played the Kings very well. Yeah, I know they don't even bother playing defense anymore. Yeah, I know they'd have to win a game 7 on the road. Either team could win this, but I have to pick at least one upset.

Eastern-Round 1
#1 Indiana over #8 Boston in 4
-The Celtics are just terrible. This won't even be a series.

#2 New Jersey over #7 New York in 5
-So who actually plays for the Knicks these days? Doesn't matter: If Kidd, Martin and Jefferson are healthy NY will go quick. Isiah might have this team onthe right track though. Just like baseball: When the NY team is good, the league is stong.

#3 Detroit over #6 Milwuakee in 4
-Terry Porter has done an amazing job with the Bucks. This actually kinda hurts me, because anyone as crazy as George Karl has me as a fan. Oh, and I don't care if somewhere down the road Darko is the next Nowitzki, picking him over Melo is just dumb.

#4 Miami over #5 New Orleans in 7
-Stan Van Gundy can really coach. Who knew? Tim Floyd can't coach a lick. Who didn't know?

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