April 25, 2004

Maybe it should be Beloved Padres and Well-Liked Mariners

When do we change from "it's still early" to "this team may just suck"? Could it be when the M's go down to Texas and are in danger of being swept? Yesterday the immortal Joaquin Benoit held them to 5 hits (none of them for extra bases) and 1 walk in 6 innings. Jay Powell and Jeff Nelson each give up a hit, but nothing comes out of it. the day before they manage to score 8 runs, considering this offense, that's about a weeks production, but still lose as Joel Piniero can't seem to get anything over that isn't rocketed back past him. Quick quiz: What are 3.48, 6.23, 6.30, 6.75, 8.46? Those would be the ERAs of 5 pitchers used on Friday:Villone, Hasagawa, Jarvis, Myers and Piniero. How many of you thought that by the 25th of April Kevin Jarvis would have a better ERA than Joel? I'm not in total despair.. yet.

Posted by Frinklin at April 25, 2004 11:20 AM
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