April 27, 2004

I managed to live through the day

As you might have surmised from the previous post, I tend to suffer from migraines. I've had them all my life. Right now I get one about once a month, which is waaaay less than I used to. I've gone through times were I'd get them every week. It's just not pleasant, and I thank my employer for putting up with me.

M's Win! M's Win! The Beloved Mariners get off the schneid (is that the correct spelling? Not finding it on my spellcheck for some reason) with a 7-5 win at Oriole Park. Jolbret Cabrera raises his average all the way up to .158 with a 2 run double, and Dan Wilson (?!?) homered. All was not perfect though: those were the only extra base hits out of 13 total, and Gil Meche was terrible. Hooray for our team anyway.

Derek Jeter is now 0-28. I hate the Yankees, but this is getting painful.

Congratulations to former Mariner Brian Falkenborg, who made his ML debut with the Dodgers tonight.

Jeff from Fire Bavasi/Leone for Third commented that the Giants-sans-Barry Bonds lineup was "quite possibly the worst lineup I've ever seen." Well Jeff, I can top you. I watched the Well-Liked Padres take on the Expos tonight. Your Expo starting lineup:
Endy Chavez-CF
Orlando Cabrera-SS
Jose Vidro-2B
Brad Wilkerson-1B
Tony Batista-3B
Matt Cepicky-LF
Ron Calloway-RF
Brian Schneider-C
Now, Vidro is a legit All-Star, and Cabrera and Wilkerson are fine players, so that might mean the Giants did have a better lineup, but I dare anyone to find a weaker OF than Cepicky-Chavez-Calloway. All you need to know: Cepicky was recently called up from AAA Edmonton. He was killing the PCL at the time with a .074 average. Ismael Valdez managed to shut this motley crew out.

Posted by Frinklin at April 27, 2004 10:22 PM

How aqbout them Rangers? First place tie... first time out of the basement in years... I guess getting rid of A-Rod was a good move... how long ago was it that the M's had the best record ever in baseball history?... what's going on up there?

Posted by: Madfish Willie at April 28, 2004 09:59 AM

It would be 2001 when they won 116 games. Since then they just got older and less talented. It's awful what's happening right now,but the signs were there.

Posted by: frinklin at April 28, 2004 07:14 PM
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