April 29, 2004

Full Frontal Nerdity

The wife has pretty much assured me I am a nerd. See the comments here and here for verification. Its just something we have to deal with, in fact she secretly thinks I’m adorable when I’m pontificating on the beloved Mariners or comic books or video games, or (God help me) Star Trek. At least I hope she does. Okay, maybe not “adorable” as much as “tolerable”.

Yes, I am a Star Trek fan. I’m not a trekker or trekkie or any such thing. I don’t see the show as the pinnacle of human development, nor does it represent the ideal human condition. I do not even own a uniform, nor have I ever worn any Vulcan ears. I have, however, been to one convention, it was the geekiest thing I’ve ever done, and I speak as someone who has been to San Diego Comic-Con 3 times. I do watch Enterprise, and it does aggravate me at times, but I think the show is better than people think. Like many fans, the shows continuity glitches drive me nuts, and I’m not too pleased with how Vulcans are shown, but I deal with it and enjoy the show. The last few new episodes have been as good as DS9 in its prime, and I look forward to it continuing. This time last year I was hoping the show would just die already.

My inner and outer geek was very please with the announcement of a sequel to My Favorite Game Ever: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Unfortunately knowing KOTOR 2 is right around the corner has gotten me back into the original game. I don’t think this pleases the wife. I was, ahh.. a tad obsessed when the game first came out. She was too come to think of it. The Mrs. and I raced to the end. She won, but I just kept going, and going, and… you get the picture. I’m much better now, don’t worry.

Posted by Frinklin at April 29, 2004 06:15 PM

Hmm. I'm probably less of a Star Trek fan than you are, but I do generally like the show. I have no idea what "real" fans think, but I hated DS9. I liked Voyager a lot better. I'm none too keen on Enterprise (we're probably half a season behind you here), but it's all right. I haven't noticed continuity errors, but then I'm not really looking. I'm just looking for 55 minutes of diversion.

Actually, since I've been able to watch US sports here (in Ireland) since last August, I find I'm not that worried about Star Trek these days. I missed 3 straight weeks because there were games I had to see instead.

Posted by: John at May 1, 2004 07:26 AM

I liked TNG and DS9 but the series has grown tiresome. The last movie did me in. I'll pass on any future ST endeavors.

Posted by: Rob at May 1, 2004 09:08 AM
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