May 06, 2004

If only there was something to watch on TV tonight.

Oh yeah, a long-running sitcom is coming to a close soon. Yep, The Drew Carey Show taped its final episode this week.

You didn't know it was still on either, did you?

Of course, Friends final episode is tonight, a bittersweet occasion for the Frinklin household. Yeah, it will diminish whatever indie cred the Mrs. and I may have possesed, but we are fans of the show. I think it could have come to an end a couple years ago, but thats not important. No, it wasn't the best comedy ever, and yes, it's rather foolish watching NBC fall all over itself "celebrating" the show, but still, it was an easy show to watch and enjoy. Lost in all the hoopla is that the show isn't the cultural touchstone NBC says it is. According to this over-intellectual article on Slate, 1/3 more people watched the show its first couple seasons than do now, and more people watch last weeks CSI than Friends.

A show, along with all its spinoffs and Law and Orders, I never, ever watch.

Speaking of NBC, this morning I caught the beginning of The Today Show, where the top stories were
1-Bombing in Baghdad
3-Tortured Iraqi prisoners.
Katie Couric had to switch between Cheery-Face Katie and Frowny-Face Katie so much she nearly stripped a gear.

Posted by Frinklin at May 6, 2004 06:36 PM
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