March 24, 2004

In the beginning....

Well, I did manage to get off my ass and start this thing. A few words about me: I recently turned 30, live in southern California, was raised in Seattle. Politically I seem to have become a self-hating Republican. I have too much of a libertarian streak to ever think of myself as a Democrat, but GWB and his gang piss me off a little more every day. My job is unimportant and quite frankly beneath me, in fact it should be heading to India in the next few years. I obsess over baseball in general and the Mariners in particular. I watch entirely too much ESPN and drive my girlfriend a little crazy by needing to spend $50.00 on different versions of various sports games. I've had an XBOX for 2 years, and own 4 different baseball titles. The most recent is MVP 2004, and anyone who likes baseball or videogames or both should buy several copies. It's good work and they deserve your support.

Wait, I meant to say "wife" not "girlfriend". We got married last weekend, and I'm still adapting to it. We didn't have any big ceremony, in fact we did it at City Hall. We weren't even engaged, so you might say it came as a shock to some people. It really shouldn't, we've lived together for over two years and have been dating for three. We both knew early on that the odds were good that we would spend our lives together, but it wasn't something we talked about much. She has a fear of giant stressfully events, and really, does it get much larger and more stressful than a wedding? We picked out nice simple wedding rings a few months ago, put them in a safe place and waited till the time was right. Two weeks ago she asked if we should get married on the 20th. I said yes we should, and so we did.

It was really an experience, getting married at City Hall. We went early, because well, it's best to be early to such things. We weren't expecting it to be crowded, but it was. Who knew so many people got married at 11:00 AM on a Saturday? We ended up waiting for about 90 minutes. The waiting room for weddings at City Hall is a very interesting place. There were several couples in full wedding regalia, which stunned us both. The most ornate was a young couple, both in their mid-twenties I'd suppose. I don't know how successful their wedding was, because the last we saw of them she was storming out of the wedding room (Just so you know, that's what it's called. It's not a chapel, it's the Wedding Room. It even has a sign on the door, with a sliding bar to indicate that its OCCUPIED, kind of like a Porta-Potty). One of her bridesmaids was close behind, mentioning that "You might want to wait for him." She didn't, and I don't know if he ever caught up with her. Another fun couple was the moderately attractive Eurotrash boy with an unpronounceable first name, and his bride, who was at least in her late fifties.

We live near several military bases, and it seemed that a lot of the marriages were involving military type guys, either shipping out or coming home. My personal favorite was the girl who looked suspiciously like she just came off the main stage at Cheetahs, and her groom who paid no attention whatsoever to her. The wife and I had a marvelous time during all this, making slightly malicious fun of some of the odder couples. It made me realize how perfect we were for each other. We could both take the time to laugh at people on our special day, and theirs as well. It also made me realize there is a good chance we'll end up in hell together.

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