March 25, 2004

Why I'm a M's Fan

I'm really rather stunned at how popular the Mariners have become, both in and out of Seattle. It's different from what I grew up with. I started going to games in the early eighties with my grandparents. I can remember in 1985 (I would have been 11), going to game really early and watching batting practice. Stormin' Gorman Thomas was a Mariner then, having what I remember as a monster year (in reality: .215-32-87). Anyway he would always put on a show in batting practice, and afterwards all the kids would try to get him to come over and give an autograph. Well, on this occasion he came over to the stands and started asking every kid what their birthday was. Mine is in December. He said, "Me too." and tossed me a bat he'd cracked in BP. From then on, I became a fan of the Mariners and of Gorman Thomas. I still am.

Posted by Frinklin at March 25, 2004 08:49 PM
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