April 01, 2004


Just some linkage tonight, as it's been a long, rough week at work.

Mrs. Frinklin goes into detail about why we hate our neighbors. You would too if you dealt with them. Just for an update, it's quarter to 10:00 at night, and they are STILL out there in the rain.

A couple great Slate articles. Matt Feeney eviscerate SportsCenter on ESPN. It's pretty snarky, but it's also true. Dan and Keith aren't coming back kids. The second is a Daniel Gross feature on Petco Park, the beautiful new Padre ballpark. The gist of the article is the park is actually doing all those nice things for downtown that teams always say when trying to get a new park. And trust me, Petco is very nice.

Beliefnet does April Fools? Heh...

Tim Kurkjian reminds everyone how painful baseball can be. I never get on any athlete who says he's hurt. I can't get out of bed because of headaches some days. Who am I to judge?

Posted by Frinklin at April 1, 2004 03:11 PM
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