April 05, 2004

What should be a National Holiday

Opening day-or Opening Day. Depending on how you feel about it. -Jim Bouton

Well, it the real season is here in full force. And I missed most of it. Worked through the Padres-Dodgers game, saw bits of the pretty good Astros-Giants game and most of Texas-Oakland. Some quick thoughts:

Ozzie Guillen may have totally destroyed Billy Koch's wavering confidence. In fact, I don't think I've seen a manager totally freak out like that so quickly.Oz... you have a 7-5 lead, it's the first game, don't lose it. Maybe he is too high strung to be a manager.

How do the Giants win? They have JT Snow, Marquise Grissom and Michael Tucker in the opening day lineup. Tucker is the #3 hitter for cryin' out loud. Matt Herges is acting closer. I'm baffled, really.

The Pirates, Tigers and Brewers all win. Life is good.

There isn't a better way for the new-look Padres to start the season than by bitch-slapping the Dodgers. Phil Nevin hit a mammoth grand slam off Nomo, good to see him healthy. Oh, and I like the new look road unis, but it seemed everytime they went to a high-angle shot, the "sand" color blended in with the infield dirt.

M's-Angels tomorrow.. YeeHa!

Posted by Frinklin at April 5, 2004 10:50 PM
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