April 06, 2004


Now this is why I love baseball. I just finished watching the Padres- Dodgers game, and it was beautiful. Certainly not the best played or best pitched game I've ever seen, but man was it worth it. My impressions...

Jake Peavy pitched well. Not great, but certainly good enough to win, and he should have.

Odalis Perez sucked early on, but recovered, and showed more guts than he gets credit for.

Darren Driefort looked unhittable. So we have about 60 days before he's on the IR?

Eric Gagne looked even more unhittable. Made an absolute fool of poor Ramon Vasquez. 3 pitches, and Ramon never even blinked.

Milton Bradley made a very nice over-the-shoulder catch. As long as he doesn't go completely crazy, LA fans will love him.

Finally... Adrian Beltre looks different, like he's lost the baby fat. And he certainly played will, hitting the game tying HR. Still, you have to wonder why he would go to papers about not being invited to the meeting about getting Bradley.

Posted by Frinklin at April 6, 2004 11:25 PM
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