May 15, 2004


I'm just back from seeing Troy with the Mrs. Frinklin. It was a good movie, but not great. Brad Pitt is the centerpiece as the nearly uncontrollable warrior Achilles. He certainly looks he part, having bulked up considerably for the role. He does a commendable job, starting slow, but picking up steam as the movie progresses. Orlando Bloom makes some very nice acting decisions as Paris, the Trojan prince who steals away Helen. He quite rightly plays the part of the spoiled younger son. His terror at being defeated in combat by Helen's jilted husband is his high point. The movie is completely stolen however, by Eric Bana as the Trojan hero Hector. He's the consummate older son, and perhaps the only character in the film worth rooting for. The large fight scenes are predictably kinetic, and overdose on the CGI masses a bit for my taste. The music is a low point as far as I'm concerned, going to a keening, wordless female voice entirely too often. The movie is certainly worth seeing though, and is certainly much smarter than the usual summer movie dreck. Oh, and for those who haven't read The Iliad: remember they aren't called "Greek Tragedies" for nothing.

Posted by Frinklin at May 15, 2004 06:59 PM

Interesting comment on CGI masses. According to yesterday's Sunday Times

As for the all-out battles between the two armies, they shake with the authentic-sounding clatter of blades on shields. Petersen’s decision to make minimal use of CGI illusions in these scenes is very refreshing. We can see these are real people fighting on real sand. We can sense the heaviness of their armour and imagine the dirt in their wounds.

Posted by: John at May 17, 2004 04:38 AM
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