May 24, 2004

The Weekend Outing

The Mrs. Frinklin and I caught Shrek 2 over the weekend. It was only playing every half-hour on 4 different screens at our local metroplex, so it wasn't easy to get in. It was actually a reward for the Mrs. Frinklin's younger brother, who has just now crossed over into teenagerhood. He's become very difficult to deal with lately; he fights with every request, suggestion and order. He's a teenage boy in other words. This is the In-Laws first try at a teenage boy; they've only dealt with girls, and fairly well behaved ones at that. My lovely wife, probably because she doesn't live in the same household, is the only one The Teenage Boy listens too. So she made him a deal a couple weeks ago: stop acting like a complete ass and we'd take him to lunch and the movies. He came through well, so off we went.
It was fun. Teenage Boy was quite well behaved. While in his less combative moods, he's quite funny and charming. He's a handsome kid too, far more so than I at that age. Once he gets past his lack of self-confidence and hygiene issues (it's been hell trying to convince him he needs deodorant), he should do quite well with girls. He, of course, pretends not to care. I know I should do more with him too. I'm the only male in his life aside from his often absent and always absentminded Dad. The problem is he's has 2 modes: running, jumping climbing trees kid, or sit in front of big shiny box and wait for the brains to rot away kid. While I'm in no shape for running, jumping or climbing trees, I'm perfectly happy with brain-rotting activities. As you might expect, the family wants to shy away from that. Damnit, I really wish Teenage Boy was into baseball. Unfortunately for me, he's a rather ADD kid, finds baseball hopelessly dull, and probably wonders why there isn't an X-TREME version where the players ride on roller blades and hit each other with spiked bats. I may have convinced him to go to see the well-liked Padres this summer, but this has far more to do with being allowed to eat hotdogs and Krispy Kremes until he pukes than anything baseball-related. He did for a time like basketball, but that was until his coach let him know there is more than just running around throwing up shots. He had to do things like play defense and (ack!) practice.
The movie was entertaining too, far better to the original I think. While Shrek 2 did at time show a shiny soulnessness, it was far less bodily function oriented than the original. And grown-ups had fun playing "Spot the Product Placement", of which there are thousands in this film. As in the original, the bit players run the show; Eddie Murphy is hilarious as Donkey, as is Antonio Banderas as Puss 'n' Boots. It must be mentioned though; Mrs. Frinklin did not like Puss, mostly due to her irrational dislike of Antonio Banderas. Liam Neeson is the same way with her.

Posted by Frinklin at May 24, 2004 06:25 PM

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