June 09, 2004

I'm either a hypocrite or a fool

I actually watched much of NBA Finals game 2.

This series is over, Detroit blew it. When David has Goliath on the ground, you can't let him back up. If you do, you are dead. Up 2-0 going back to Detroit, the Pistons have total control of the series, they have confidence, they know they can defeat the Lakers, and the Lake Show starts running overtime. Now, despite the protestations about splitting in LA, all anyone can remember is Kobe's shot.

Oh, and the Pistons coming apart at the seams during the overtime. Now they know they CAN'T beat LA, not when it counts. This series may well go 6 or 7 games, but the Lakers will win.

Posted by Frinklin at June 9, 2004 09:35 PM
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