June 17, 2004

Mediocre Fred 2, Frinklin 1

Well, Fred beats me. I can deal with that. I'm somewhat mollified by someone mentioning the Pilots, one of my favorite obsessions. Ball Four, the best baseball book ever, is my favorite book. My first Valentine's Day with the then-future Mrs. Frinklin, she bought me an autographed copy of the 30th anniversary edition.

When Safeco Field was being built, I wrote letters to the editor to both the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer (one of the GREAT newspaper names in America) demanding that it be called Safeco Seattle Stadium in honor Pilot home Sick's Seattle Stadium.

My request was of course ignored.

I have Pilot fever in the blood. My father, who grew up near SSS in the beautiful Rainier Valley, went to about a dozen Pilot games, and can remember seeing such famous names as Ray Oyler, Fred Talbot and the immortal Merritt Ranew.

Posted by Frinklin at June 17, 2004 09:34 PM

I am a pilots fan and collector. I wanted to know if you have any memorabilia of the pilots--specifically game action photos and audio recordings of any games.

Posted by: mitchell byers at August 7, 2005 07:39 AM
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