June 22, 2004

Gammons on the M's

Well, Peter Gammons has some M's talk in his column today. He mentions that scouts are getting “the reading we're getting is that the Mariners are not giving up on this season because of their fans. So (Seattle's trading of) Garcia may be a ways off."

Good God people, can we please get over this? This team is dead, dead, dead, dead. Yeah, they’ve played better recently. If they played the Expos, Brewers (sorry Fred) and the Pirates more often they’d be a fine team. But they don’t. They have to play the big kids too. That means the Rangers and Padres this week. How many people can see the M’s taking more than 1 game in each series? Blow the damned team up, please.

More from Gammons:
The Yanks apparently also have interest in Jamie Moyer, who according to someone who knows, would waive his 10/5 rights "in a heartbeat" if he were to land in New York or Boston.

Hello! I think this is the first anyone has mentioned this. Do it, a soon as we can, preferably. Look, I like Jamie as much as the next guy, and his family does great charity work in the community, but he’s 41 years old. The rumored Dioner Navarro and Robinson Cano, while looking like less than perfect talking about Freddy, look terrific talking about Jamie.

Gammons “Trade that makes sense”

Los Angeles trades catcher Koyie Hill, pitcher Joel Hanrahan and outfielders Xavier Paul and Reggie Abercrombie to Seattle for Freddy Garcia. The Dodgers need a starter more than anything. Garcia has pitched well (he's sixth in the AL with a 3.21 ERA and has had only 20 runs of support) and would be a shot in the arm to the Dodgers' staff. Mariners GM Bill Bavasi knows the Dodgers' system well because he previously worked for L.A. and played a big part in restoring it.

Ehh… I don’t think so. There are a couple of nice pieces here, but not enough. Hill (# 9 in the Baseball America Dodger prospect list) is an okay catching prospect, and while we don’t have anyone special at the position, I don’t think he’s all that much better. According to BA he compares to Paul LoDuca. Hanrahan (BA #5) is a nice 3rd or 4th starter prospect and we have plenty of those. Paul (BA#7) is just a kid, who knows what he ends up, and Abercrombie is a guy who will break your heart. He’s #10 on the BA list, calling him “the best physical specimen in baseball”. A specimen who can’t hit, that is. He’s about to turn 24, and his pre-2004 marks are .257/ .306 / .394. His best OBP was in 2002 at Class-A Vero Beach. It was a whopping .321.

Oh, and Mariner Brass: Jeff speaks for us all about this god-forsaken article.

Posted by Frinklin at June 22, 2004 07:49 PM

Hey Frinklin, if this most recent series is any indication, playing the Brewers more wouldn't help the M's a bit. We *are*, after all, 36-31. So don't lump us in with the Expos and Pirates. Let us enjoy the moment.

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at June 23, 2004 09:16 AM

I know Fred, but I'd still prefer playing the Brewers instead of the Rangers, A's and Angels.

Posted by: frinklin at June 23, 2004 10:08 PM
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