June 23, 2004

All-Stars vol. 2

All-Stars, AL Version

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers

When did this become a loaded position in the AL? You can’t go wrong Cleveland’s Victor Martinez, Javy Lopez of the Orioles, or Jason Varitek of Boston. I’ll stick with I-Rod though, as he’s leading the AL in hitting, and sparking a much-improved Tiger team.

First Base: Scott Hatteberg, Athletics
It comes down to Pickin’ Machine over Ken Harvey. While Harvey has a pretty big margin in BA, Hatteberg tops him in both SLG and OBP. You could also make a case for Paul Konerko (17 HR .528 SLG) or the reborn Tino Martinez.

Second Base: Juan Uribe, White Sox
Who? Despite all the noise about Alfonso Soriano, Uribe leads AL 2B in homers, and has a huge .088-point advantage is SLG over Ron Belliard. Uribe also makes me look like a dolt for claiming that the Rockies stole Aaron Miles in exchange for him.

Third Base: Hank Blalock, Rangers
While it’s difficult to ignore Melvin Mora (354 .442 .560) or Alex Rodriguez, I’m sticking with Blalock. His line is pretty terrific too (.304 .368 .565), he has more homers than Mora, and better defense then either of them.

Shortstop: Carlos Guillen, Tigers

Quite the “Name” team the AL is this year, isn’t it? Well, Guillen doesn’t have a prayer of being named a starter, as moron fans are voting for Derek Jeter, who’s overrated to begin with, and has had such a terrible start it made the cover of Sports Illustrated, and Nomar Garciaparra, who has played in about a dozen games. Guillen (317 .381 .550) is absolutely raking the ball, playing steady defense, and is without question the best SS in the AL right now. So glad we traded him for Ramon Santiago.

Outfield: Vladimir Guerrero, Angels
Where would Anaheim be without Vlad? Somewhere around Lake Elsinore, I’d expect. Guerrero (352 .394 .616) hasn’t had any difficulties adjusting to the AL, and has carried the injury-plagued Halos this season.

Outfield: Manny Ramirez, Red Sox

Yeah, it was to pick up Alex Rodriguez, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out why Boston was so desperate to get rid of Manny. Yeah, he’s a head case, and he makes way too much money, but he’s as close to Barry Bonds as you’ll find in the AL.

Outfield: Carlos Beltran, Royals

This is assuming he isn’t a Padre, Dodger or whomever else is rumored to trade for him. He’s been mentioned so often this season he runs the risk of being overrated, but he still has the highest OF OPS in the AL after the big two, and adds the benefit of speed as well.

You might ask where the Beloved Mariners fit in to the All-Star game. I think Ichiro might be picked, and he’s close to deserving it, but the best bet would be Eddie Guardado. I can’t see a team as terrible as Seattle getting more than one All-Star.

Posted by Frinklin at June 23, 2004 10:01 PM

Does Beltran still go to the All-star game as an ALer or will he go as an NLer?

Posted by: Madfish Willie at June 26, 2004 12:26 PM
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