June 29, 2004

Mariner and Padre Notes and observations

I watched the Padre- Diamondback game tonight, congratulations to the Unit for his 4,000 strikeout. It still upsets me some that we get these two giant milestones for Griffey and Randy in different uniforms. It's too bad that egos and dollars get in the way.

I was on such the nostalgia kick I explained the entire 1995 season the Mrs. Frinklin. She umm.. well, she was nice enough to pretend to pay attention. I was stunned by my beautiful and talented wife's innate baseball wisdom though. While watching Robby Hammock flail away at the plate, she mentioned that he seemed really impatient. Well, considering that Hammock sports the sterling OBP of .276, it seems she would be right. I'll make a baseball fan out of her yet.

The Mrs. Frinklin is already a huge fan of Khalil Greene, along with most of San Diego. The kid certainly acquited himself well against Johnson, hitting a double and eventual game winner HR. Plus he made an excellent stop to make the final out on Danny Bautista. His numbers aren't that great (.260/ .337/ .382), but he plays with a real flair, and does the dreaded, undefinable little things to help a team win.

Despite giving up Johnson's 4,000 K, the Padres took the game, making a winner of Brian Sweeney in his first major-league start. The Pads have won 8 out of 10, and have pulled to 1.5 games back of the Giants. According to SI's Tom Verducci, the Padres are looking at dealing for Steve Finley, which I heartily endorse. He's still popular here, and is having an excellent year, especially when you consider he's 39 years old.

Do the Diamondbacks have anything that isn't horrifically ugly? They have 233 different uniform pieces that range from bad to frightening, and the BOB looks like a junkie designed it.


The Beloved M's win tonight over first-place Texas on Rich Aurillia's homer in the sixth. So, which of these two fragments "first-place Texas" or "Rich Aurillia's homer" did you think you were less likely to see about a month ago? Anyway, Miguel Olivo started his first M's game and promptly went 0-3. Welcome to the team, please, PLEASE don't try to fit right in.

I fully support Stephen's Ray Charles Night idea. Not sold on the Mark Kotsay's wife thing though.

So, the Phillies are looking at Bret Boone and maybe Randy Winn. I don't know about Boone, I still think he'll end up a Yankee, but if Bavasi can pawn Winn off on the Phills I'm all for it. Hey, they do need a CF don't they?

Hmm.. not a terribly coherent post, but it will do.

Posted by Frinklin at June 29, 2004 11:09 PM
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