July 12, 2004

I owe the Mrs. Frinklin a lot.

I did the inexplicable this weekend. As any reader, or in this case skimmer-overer, of this blog knows, I'm rather obsessed with the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I've owned the original on XBOX for just about a year now, and I've played more or less since. Now, there have been times I've not played it, KotOR hasn't always been the game sitting in the XBOX, but most of the time it is. About 7 months ago, KotOR came out for PC too. At the time we didn't have nearly enough computer to run the game, so I kinda forgot about it. Three months ago, we did upgrade our computer, buying a nice, not top of the line, but certainly capable new machine. Many of you see where this is going.

At first I laughed off the idea about buying the game on PC, but lately, probably because the sequel has been annnounced (more on that in a sec), I've been considering it. It came down in price recently, so this weekend I went out and bought it. So I now have the same game on two different platforms. Yes there are a few differences, mostly in graphic quality and an additional level that you can get on XBOX Live, but really, it's the same damned thing. The best part of using the PC Version are gamer-created mods, like those you can find here. KotOR is a very flexible game, and people come up with new characters, new looks, weapons and such.

So, as the name of this post states, I owe the Mrs. F a lot, both for her understanding and her humor. Oddly enough, this whole mess can be traced back to her. Last year when I decided to get a new XBOX game, it was either going to be Knights of the Old Republic or NCAA Football 2004. I had hemmed and hawed, but pretty much decided on NCAA. The Mrs. calls me at work on a Friday afternoon and lets me know she's made the decision for me and picked up Star Wars. This was probably due to her wanting to play the game herself, as well as putting a lid on my ludicrous collection of sports game. Oh well...

Last thing: As my readers know, the Mrs. Frinklin does take great pleasure at pointing out how nerdy I can be. I'm sure this makes up for the $30.00. Right hun?

Posted by Frinklin at July 12, 2004 09:36 AM
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