July 26, 2004

That OTHER, slightly more important convention

Woe to the citizens of Boston for the liberals have invaded. Yep, the Democratic National Convention begins today, a 4-day John Kerry infomercial. Of course, I’ll watch it. Not due to any love for Democrats, certainly not for either Kerry or Edwards. No, I’ll watch because I’m enough of a political junkie that I can’t not watch. The opening tonight is going to be good, because the Clintons are in town. Hillary and Bill both are up, and it will be very interesting to see how Pro-Kerry they will be. Because, now let us be honest, the Clintons don’t want Kerry to win. If he does, Hillary’s presidential hopes go down the tubes. Kerry runs again in 2008, and wins or loses; the 2012 nomination belongs to Edwards. Worse case scenario, its 16 years (and trust me, that is worse case scenario for all of us) of Kerry or Edwards, and Hilary is 72 before she gets a chance to run. Yeah, I’m sure the Clintons will be just effusive on the joys of John Kerry.

The way I see it, the DC this year will pivot on one thing. How much will Democrats hold back on Bush-Bashing and focus on Kerry and Edwards? On the anti-Bush front, it would fire up the party, but it is unnecessary. The undecided out there are very much aware how much ya’ll hate W. We honestly don’t care; we want to know just who the hell your guys are. For Edwards it’s natural, the man hasn’t been in public life for long, but Kerry has been in the public arena for 30 years now, and people still don’t know much about him. Do not forget that. Oh, and the giant click you hear after the first person to mention the 2000 election in Florida? That would be every non-Democrat in the country changing the channel. We don’t care how aggrieved you still are. Concentrate on what Kerry would do, not what should have happened.

Oh, and keep Al Gore away from the convention. As far away as possible.

Posted by Frinklin at July 26, 2004 12:29 PM
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