September 05, 2004

College Football Wrap Up

When I left to go to the movie (see below), Washington was down 14-10 to Fresno State, and it looked like they had the momentum. Maybe that's the case, but it didn't help much, as the Bulldogs went on to crush the Huskies 35-16. Unlike many Cougs, I don't take much pleasure in seeing the UW lose. My Dad's a Husky, I was raised a Husky, and I came close to going there myself. I usually root for the U, unless it's the Apple Cup. Anyway, the Dawgs looked better than expected for the first half, showing a stouter defense and more effective running game than last year. It fell apart though, as FSU scored THREE defensive touchdowns. The pass offense needs major work, as neither Casey Paus nor Isaiah Stanback played worth a damn.

The best game this weekend? I'll go with these:
3-WSU over New Mexico- not really a great game, but a gutty win for a young and talented Cougar team.
2-LSU beating Oregon State- heartbreaker for OSU fans, a wake-up call for LSU fans, and a sign that the PAC-10 might be better than you think. Though UW and UCLA both getting pummeled at home point toward the opposite.
1-Colorado beats Colorado State- Man,this is a great rivalry, one that really needs to be played the last week of the season. The Rams make a valiant comeback, then meltdown, trying run plays twice with less than a minute left.

None of the top teams (USC, LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma) really took it to their opponents. The most impressive showings that I caught were Purdue destroying an overmatched Syracuse team, Rutgers showing they might be for real, beating Michigan State, and Cal crushing Air Force on the road. Individually the best performance has to be West Virginia's Kay-Jay Harris, running for 337 yards against ECU.

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