September 08, 2004

A Tough Day at the Frinklin House

I should have written my NFC North preview today, but I didn’t. I know, try to keep calm. It has been a rough day here, as the younger dog, Jeffrey the Adorably Insane, has been sick. He woke up this morning at around 4 AM; making the telltale half-growl, half-heave that all dog owners knows: the doggy vomit noise. The Missus and I are well prepared for this; we both have had dogs our entire lives. We know how to react to possible dog puke. Jump out of bed, lift the dog off the bed, and hustle him as close to OUTSIDE as possible. The first time, he made the horrible horking noise a couple times, and then stopped. False alarm, we all go back to sleep. About a half-hour later, we hear it again. I throw back the covers, lift Jeffrey off the bed, and hustle him toward the sliding glass door. I didn’t make it. Our screen door does not open or close anymore, Jeffery the Adorably Insane has a bad habit of not waiting for BOTH doors to open before running outside. He has bent the screen so much it is barely recognizable. We know we need to replace it, but the Missus and I work hard, and dammit, we have earned our laziness.

Anyway, Jeffrey puked on the floor. No big deal, we cleaned it up. While I was in the shower, Jeffrey threw up twice more, both outside this time. What made us a little more concerned is he kept stiffening his entire body, and cocking his head at odd angles. He’d keep the pose for a few seconds, and then relax. Both of us had the horrifying thought that he was having seizures. The Missus stayed home from work today, and called the vet. Our vet had good news: It was probably just a dog version of the dry-heaves. Keep a watch on him and if it continues, bring him in. Oh, and no food for 12 hours at least. He hasn’t thrown up again, but it shows just how much stuff like this can throw off your day. The Missus missed work, and I’ve been barely concentrating, calling to check up on him every hour or so.

Posted by Frinklin at September 8, 2004 06:08 PM
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