September 17, 2004

An Actual, Honest to God Baseball Post!

It concerns the Well-Liked Padres and their playoff chances, you know, the ones that are slowly slipping away. As of right this minute, after a 4-1 loss against the Giants (where Barry Bonds joins the 700 homer club. Congrats to Barry, but you're still a jackass), the Pads stand four games back of the Giants. Worse, they're behind 3 different teams. Add to that the recent struggles of Jake Peavy, the injuries to Sean Burroughs and Khalil Greene, and their stunning lack of sucess at home, and San Diego is pretty much toast.

Thinking about that last, I have to wonder if the injury to Burroughs is any big deal. The thirdbaseman still hasn't had anything close to a breakout year. His numbers? A paltry .298-.348-.365, with two homers and five steals. Sean Burroughs is 24 years old now, in his third major league season. Is it time to give up on him? Greene is a different story, after a slow start at the plate, his injury-ended line will be .273-.349-.448 with 15 homers. That's impressive, and should win him rookie of the year in the NL.

Posted by Frinklin at September 17, 2004 10:05 PM
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