September 26, 2004

WSU wins a ugly yet thrilling game. UW not so much


Wow, how much did the Cougs want to lose this game? How about 11 penalties and 4 lost fumbles worth? WSU was sloppy, undisciplined and at times just plain stupid. And they still won. The shouldn't have, but they got lucky. The Cougs get a unbelievably timely turnover, hit on a great pass from Swogger to Hill, and there you go, Arizona loses it's second heartbreaker in a row. Still, the Cougars can't expect this to happen every week. They will need to play better than this in order to beat just about anybody else in the Pac-10. Well, except for the suddenly hapless Huskies.

Oh, yeah, them. On Friday night I said the Huskies weren't as bad as everyone thought and had a shot at shocking Notre Dame. And I was right too, the Huskies were in the game up until about 2 minutes in. Then everything, and I mean EVERYTHING went to hell. They can't tackle, can't cover, can't pass, and get behind so quick that Kenny James, their most legitimate offensive weapon becomes useless. Neither Paus or Bonnell was effective, though if you listen to Pat Haden, he seems to think that Bonnell is the second coming of Marques Tuiasosopo. It's really too bad Matt Tuiasosopo is so good at baseball. Is there any question he would be starting by now?

Posted by Frinklin at September 26, 2004 12:31 AM
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