October 05, 2004

Let me go back...

Wasn't John Edwards supposed to be good at this kind of thing? You really have to wonder about what happened. As far as I'm concerned, Cheney won easy. Dick Cheney was Dick Cheney: steady, reserved, mature and deft on his feet. Edwards, whom I admittedly don't like to begin with, was awful, constantly going back to the previous question, being wedded to his soundbites (sounding much like GW Bush, of all things), and being as irratating as I've seen. He also had lousy reaction shots, and he seemed stunned at some of his voting record being called out.

The line about how Cheney had never met him, despite being President of the Senate, is the best thing from a debate since Lloyd Bentson.

Now it's up to the President to pull his weight.

Posted by Frinklin at October 5, 2004 08:55 PM
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