October 11, 2004

Football Weekend Aftermath

Well it was a horribly lousy weekend for the Beloved Seahawks, the Beloved Cougars, and whatever thoughts I have about knowing a damn thing about football.

I said that both the Hawk and WAZZU games would be close, but the forces of good would be triumphant. I was wrong, as both collapsed in rather epic fashion.

I said that San Diego State would beat up an improving but still overmatched Wyoming team. No, I meant an improving Wyoming team would beat up on an overmatched SDSU squad.

I said Jacksonville would dominate the Chargers, and win in a game that the score would be closer than it seemed. No, that would be wrong too, as San Diego ran roughshod over what some people see as a playoff contender, beating up the Jags 34-21.

I did get Huskies over San Jose State, but if that's the only thing I get right then I'm worse off than I thought.

I think I'm at the point, like George in Sienfeld, where I need to go the opposite of where my instincts take me.

Posted by Frinklin at October 11, 2004 09:49 PM
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