October 21, 2004

Enterprise was at least marginally better this time.

The finale to the Star Trek: Enterprise season premier was better
than the first half. This is faint praise of course, as the first part
stunk. The ship is still stuck back in the alternate past, with Nazi Germany
in control of the eastern US seaboard. Mayweather and Tucker have been
captured, Archer and Plucky Resistance Babe have been transported onto the
ship, and the villains of the plot are still uninteresting. Archer meets
with Vosh, head Nazlien, who suggests they work together, even returning
Trip and Travis. Archer declines the offer, and decides to work on
destroying Vosh. At this point, the episode becomes a lot more about Vosh
and Silik the Super Suliban than it does the alternate WWII. It is a
definite improvement over the opener. The pacing is better, the action is
more involving, and we even get a nice character bit between Silik and
Archer. Silik comments that the Captain has gotten darker. He agrees, and
states that it isn't a good thing. I hope they keep the new Archer. He is a
lot more interesting now, especially compared to the naïve, idealistic
blowhard from the first two seasons. The best part of this episode? The very
end, where Daniels returns from the dead, fixes the time stream and Archer
makes him swear not to involve the NX-01 in any more time shenanigans. We
should be so lucky.

Next week the Enterprise heads home, and then on to Vulcan for T'Pol's
wedding. She wasn't expecting it either. From the previews, it looks like a
thinly rewritten version of the classic Trek episode "Amok Time" but with a
lot more heaving Vulcan breasts.

Posted by Frinklin at October 21, 2004 06:47 PM

"Vulcan breasts"? Seriously? You might be reaching maximum nerdy here.

Posted by: ensie at October 21, 2004 07:10 PM
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