October 23, 2004

Frinklin is a glutton for punishment: Let’s look at the Football Weekend

Last week was a serious downer, and the previous week was worse. Let’s see what we have this weekend.

The Huskies have an easy task this weekend, taking on #1 USC in the LA Coliseum. Why is that an easy task? Because after a couple games where they had a shot at winning, nobody on Earth with an ounce of football sense think they have a shot at this game. And they don’t. Hell, USC has third and fourth teamers that might start for the Huskies. They get killed here.

The Beloved Cougars, suddenly reeling at 3-3, go to Corvallis and take on Oregon State, a team I have no idea what to think of. Much like WSU, they’ve been good and they’ve been terrible. I’d go with the Beavs here, as they have a senior QB (instead of a freshman) and the home field. Still, it wouldn’t shock me a bit either way.

Another reeling team is the San Diego State Aztecs. This week they play at New Mexico, a team coming off a win over UNLV where they had 6 turnovers. Yep, six turnovers and a win. Please, someone explain that. SDSU starts redshirt frosh Kevin O’Donnell at quarterback. He can’t do any worse than former starter Matt Dlugolecki. If the offense can score, the Aztecs can win. Even with stud RB DonTrell Moore, the Dark Side defense should handle the Lobos and mistake-prone QB Kole McKamey.

Over on the NFL side, the Seahawks, after back-to-back heartbreakers against St. Louis and New England, take on the Arizona Cardinals in Tempe. This is a tough game for the ‘Hawks. Arizona isn’t particularly talented, but they do play hard. Seattle needs this game, but could be tight after the last two weeks. They should win, but it could get ugly.

Finally, the Chargers, after being Michael Vicked last week, head to Carolina to take on the Panthers. The Bolts will win this one, as Carolina is wracked with injuries. No Kris Jenkins, Steve Smith, Stephen Davis or DeShaun Foster. Who’s left? Drew Brees gets some nice upgrades at WR with Keenan McCardell and Bobby Shaw.

Posted by Frinklin at October 23, 2004 12:32 AM
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