October 26, 2004

One Week Away

We're only 7 days away from Election day. This means were only 7 days and an hour or two away from lawsuits and allegations of voter fraud in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire and basically any state with less than 2.5% points between candidates.

Yeah... Good times ahead.

Honestly, while I do have a horse I'm pulling for (more on this in the days ahead), my most fervent hope is a clear victory by either guy. What people forget about 2000 and how ugly it got over Florida was how comparatively genteel the campaign was. This year has been vicious on both sides, and I shudder to think about a 39-day delay in this climate.

Right now, my wish might take place, as all three Electoral Vote polls favor Bush in a clear win. Electoral-Vote.com and Slate, both of which lean fairly left show at least a 10-EV gap.

Posted by Frinklin at October 26, 2004 05:42 PM
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