November 06, 2004

Is Fred having palpatations or has he skipped ahead to the heart attack?

The first real slip in the Baseball in DC program. A city councilwoman who previously supported the riverfront site now says it needs to go in RFK's parking lot. MLB is currently searching for a polite way to say, "Oh HELL no."

Posted by Frinklin at November 6, 2004 12:43 PM

I say, why have palpitations when you can go directly to the heart attack? I think this is just empty last-minute posturing by Chairwoman Cropp. And yet... Need I say more about why trying to cram all of this into six months was a bad idea?

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at November 6, 2004 06:43 PM

I suspect that the team will end up in N. Virginia. We'll see. I don't know the area too well, but my memory of DC is that most of the city is not where you'd choose to put a stadium. It's 161st Street in the Bronx without any good reason for being there.

Posted by: John at November 8, 2004 02:04 AM
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