November 09, 2004

Good God… a football weekend that didn’t suck?

After a dreadful October, a couple of my teams got up off the deck. A pretty good weekend:

The Beloved Cougs beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl behind Jerome Harrison’s 247 yards rushing. Alex Brink didn’t screw up, the defense played okay.. And they still had to hang on in the end. You just have to make it interesting, don’t you guys? The Cougars are 4-5 with final games at Arizona State and the Apple Cup at home. If they take those two, they will squeeze into a bowl for the fourth year in a row. They have a shot, but it won’t be easy in Tempe this weekend.

The Huskies seem to have settled on 1-10 and winless in the Pac-10 this season. They just stunk against Arizona. They seem to have given up. I feel for Keith Gilbertson, who deserves better than this.

Remember the beginning of the year when SDSU had what considered a fine defense? Nevermind that. The Aztecs were torched by BYU. This is another team just mailing it in.

Amongst the big kids, the Beloved Seahawks certainly seemed to be up for losing to San Fransico, but kicked it into gear and put up 42 against a really, really awful team. I’m all for the back-to-back wins, but this sure doesn’t look like a playoff team. The defense is in disarray, and Hasselbeck still seems to make stupid decisions sometimes. This is Shaun Alexander’s team, no matter how much that pisses off Mike Holmgren. Huge game this weekend. They HAVE to beat the Rams. If they lose both games against St. Louis, they don’t make the playoffs.

Finally, how about those San Diego Chargers? The little team that might had what looked like a letdown game against the Saints. At least, it was a letdown up until the kickoff. At that point the Bolts just tore New Orleans a new one. Just to recap: The Chargers have the leagues highest scoring offense and the number 3 passer in the league. Oh, and Mr. Shockey and Mr. Gonzalez, meet the NFL’s best pass-catching tight end.

Posted by Frinklin at November 9, 2004 09:30 PM
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