November 24, 2004

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer?

The Missus wants one of these. Yes, it is a bleach pen. She wants the bleach pen. And you know I will get her one. Isn’t one of the best parts of being married that the other has to deal with, and oftentimes enable our odd little quirks?

The question is what would we do with it.

We were discussing this issue today. The grouting on the tile in our kitchen was mentioned, as grouting on new houses is white for about 13 minutes, then the grime sets in and never goes away. We also thought about how I have an annoying tendency to spill.

I had a better idea.

We should use the bleach pen to make quick and easy alterations to our dogs. Would Jeffrey look better with tiger-stripes? Does Matchbox need highlights? The possibilities are endless.

Posted by Frinklin at November 24, 2004 07:19 PM
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