December 05, 2004

The M’s Semi-Official Media Outlet Speaks

Some depressing stuff in this morning’s Finnigan column on the M’s and the winter meetings.

-The ludicrous idea of signing both Delgado and Sexson continues, even though it could push the Mariners over their self-imposed cap of $16 million to spend. If that happened, they would attempt to trade Ibanez or Winn. Really though, aren’t those things they should be trying to do anyway?

-Pavano visits on Tuesday. Why this guy is considered the best FA starter out there is beyond me. The back-up seems to be Jaret Wright, and the M’s have made a preliminary 3 year/$9 million offer to him. This would be fine if he could bring Leo Mazzone with him, since the only halfway decent year of his career was under Mazzone’s tutelage.

-If the Yankees are able to invalidate Jason Giambi’s contract after his recent steroid admission, they would be a major player for Delgado. I have no problem with that. If the Yankers want to overspend on another aging slugger, go right ahead.

-The most worrisome note is this concerning Jereomy Burntiz : Burnitz is intriguing as he played some center field in Colorado this season.

Yep, the team that has employed Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Cameron is considering Burnitz as a CF. A smart team wouldn’t consider him at all. A slightly dumb team would consider Burnitz as a corner-OF/DH option. Only a seriously demented team would think of him in center.

Posted by Frinklin at December 5, 2004 12:38 PM
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