December 06, 2004

Death by a thousand Julius Jones Cuts

AAAAAAAAAARGH! tonight is a perfect example of why, sometimes, i wish i hated sports and never watched them.

I found this from a commenter named "RSJ" on USS Mariner tonight. Pretty much encapsulates what all Seahawk fans are thinking. My first attempt at posting about this, written right after the game ended, was merely a rapid-fire sting of mostly unconnected curse words.

For those wondering, the immediate reaction in the Frinklin household was me yelling “AUGH” and pounding my fists into the floor.

Scared the hell out of the dogs.

This game was the biggest roller-coaster game I’ve experienced since the Cougar/Longhorn Holiday Bowl last year. The first 10 minutes the ‘Hawks come out gangbusters, take an early lead and look dominant. Then they fall apart, and the Cowboys put up 26 unanswered points. Then the pendulum swings again and the Seahawks start playing like they did the first three weeks of the season. At that point this game is the best thing that could have happened to Seattle: a tight, hard-fought win, after they had been sleepwalking.

And then they collapse.


Playoffs? No... A .500 record? No...

What we get now is another rebuilding attempt. Holmgren is gone, as is Hasselbeck and maybe Alexander too. Hopefully Whitsitt, who has proven himself utterly incapable of running a professional franchise in two different sports should be canned too.

Back to the drawing board folks.


Posted by Frinklin at December 6, 2004 10:26 PM

A .500 record? No. Playoffs?... Possibly. Remember, you're in the NFC now. Even the Redskins are still alive, and we're beyond terrible.

Posted by: Mediocre Fred at December 7, 2004 06:43 AM
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