December 09, 2004

The New Husky Coach? U-Decide

This morning’s Times has an interesting article from Bob Condotta on the UW’s search for a coach. With Tedford out of the picture, they seem to be looking around. The new names are Boston College’s Tom O’Brien, Jim Mora Jr of the Atlanta Falcons, and Viking coach Mike Tice. Mora is easily the most interesting name. A guy willing to leave a head job in the NFL for college doesn’t happen… well, ever really. He’s an alum, a great d-coordinator, and (so far) a pretty fair head man. O’Brien does nothing for me. He’s not particularly exciting, and it doesn’t strike me a good idea to hire someone with only east coast recruiting experience. Tice is trying to make himself a candidate, but it isn’t working.

Another name heard, on ESPN radio yesterday, was Walt Harris of Pittsburgh. That stuns me, seeing as Harris has nearly been fired twice recently. If I’m Todd Turner, I focus on Mora and Willingham. They’re the best options out there.

Dropping out are Dan Hawkins from Boise State, and Louisville's Bobby Petrino. Both are in the process of signing extensions to stay where they are.

Posted by Frinklin at December 9, 2004 05:59 PM
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