December 13, 2004

A New Rule

Regular readers (okay, all three of them) will know that the Missus and I like to come up with needed rules for our marriage. So far, we have two: No-Murder and No Gay Sex at Work. Well, we were discussing Mark Hacking, the Utah guy who killed his wife and was eventually turned in by one of his brothers. The Unabomber was nabbed the same way. Well, I have no siblings, but Ensie has three, two younger sisters and a younger brother. The conversation naturally flowed to whether or not she would be able to turn in her siblings had they admitted to some horrible crime. The consensus? She wouldn’t be able to do it, but would tell me what happened, knowing that I would be able to turn them in. Thus, we came up with the Rat on My Siblings Rule.

Just a warning, in-laws, just a warning

Posted by Frinklin at December 13, 2004 05:38 PM
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