January 17, 2005

The Perils of getting my hair cut.

I got my hair cut today. As always, it’s an adventure. I don’t like to get my hair cut. I can’t really explain why. I just don’t. It’s one of those things I put off until the last possible minute. So I end up pretty shaggy sometimes.

This drives the Missus crazy.

Another problem between me and haircuts is a bit embarrassing: I’m not very good at it. When sitting in the big chair I screw up. Sure, I don’t need you to cut that part of my hair, go ahead and leave it long. Sure, go ahead and part it on the side, I’m sure that will look fine. Very seldom can I manage to get the haircut person to do what I want them too. Not that I have any idea what I want. I don’t know what looks good. Hell people, I’ve had both a rat-tail and a mullet in my lifetime.

Enter the Missus. She’s much better at getting my haircut for me. She convinced me to settle on a style. Short, but not too short. I have hair that is charitably described as “thinning”. This means I have nice full hair on the side of my head, while in the middle it looks like someone’s lawn that hasn’t been watered in about year: sparse and unhealthy.

My last haircut didn’t go well. My wife let me go alone and do it myself, and I was umm.. Conned into leaving a bit longer than usual. When I came home my wife agreed. It looked great, if I had a haircut 3 weeks ago. So this time I was set on getting it nice and short.

And now I look like a damned Marine. It’s very short. Short enough my wife began laughing at me when I came home.

I’ll need her to start coming with me again.

Posted by Frinklin at January 17, 2005 03:32 PM

my wife goes on at me all the time about my hair syle.I wear my hair over the ears and collar , we were in the States last month in florida and passed a typical barber shop with female hairdresser , my wife pulled me in, there was no waiting and I was ushered to the chair caped, and the girl called lucy discussed how I would like it cut , before I could answer my wife sprung into action and suggested a proper haircut clipped and tapered, before i could answer the clippers sprung to life and lucy ran them up one side of my head using comb and clippers , it was too late to back out within 5 mins my hair had been clipped up the back and sides , after she had finished the clipping she produced a hot towel which she wrapped around my head the sensation was great , i thought this was the finish of the haircut, not a bit of it she produced a razor and lather she then started lathering the sides of my head and started shaving the sides bald.
when lucy had finished she swung the chair round to show off her handy work to my wife who was reading a magazine ,my wife just raved with the finished look and thought it really really suited me , before leaving florida she took me back after 3 weeks to lucy for a tidy up,my wife now insists that I keep this style for another year but she reckons she will always want me to wear this short. I must say I have got used to it and my children love it they think I look macho.

Posted by: james at October 21, 2005 04:04 AM
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