January 27, 2005

Just a Touch of Stability

My time as unemployed will be short. In fact, it will be non-existent. I have a new job. At least, I will. My last day at the Sunken Ship will be on Monday February 14. My first day at the hopefully buoyant ship will be… Monday February 14. Yep, they want me so bad I can’t take anything off. Whenever they release us (with severance packages in tow) from the old place, I head to the new one.

Now, what this means about any possible moves is up in the air. In fact, the third question they asked me in our marathon interview was, “Do you have any plans on relocating anytime soon?”

Ummmm…no, course I don’t.

Now, if the Missus’ interview went well and her parents can loan us some money….

Well, then it is a different story

Posted by Frinklin at January 27, 2005 04:05 PM
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