February 04, 2005

I would move to Texas just to vote for him

Author/musician/animal rescuer/all-around oddball Thomas "Kinky" Friedman has announced plans to run as an Independent for the Texas governorship. Friedman, who is infamous for novelty hit songs like They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore and a string of excellent novels featuring the adventures of a New York City detective named... umm... Kinky Freidman, will need just over 45,000 signatures to qualify for the 2006 election. He plans on running a "anti-wussification" campaign.

Can we move to Texas honey?

Posted by Frinklin at February 4, 2005 03:35 PM

I'm pretty sure that when we met I told you that Texas is not on the short list of places I would ever move to. It is dead to me.

Posted by: ensie at February 4, 2005 07:08 PM
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