February 21, 2005

I have no earthly idea how to react to this

If you read my lovely wife’s blog, you might have seen this. My parents, divorced since I was a teenager, are getting remarried. In retrospect, this isn’t that big a surprise. In fact Ensie predicted they would get back together eventually. We were both pretty much floored by the marriage thing though.

Fun week huh? I start a new job, then head on up to Orange County in this once-a-decade rainstorm that Southern California is suffering through to help my mother move. Remember, she decided to head back home to Seattle and move in with my father as roommates. Not quite…

We had been there just a few minutes, watching the uncommunicative Turks move my mother’s furniture in the rain, when my mother wanted to show Ensie and I her Valentine’s day present. It was a ring….

Waitaminnnit. A ring? My wife and I shared a look. After Dad was done on his cell phone, he and Mom leveled with us. They’re getting remarried, with a date tentatively set for August 22. That would be the 35th anniversary of their first time around. They divorced in 1987.




Eighteen years later, with several more divorces and broken engagements between them, they will try this again. It’s been about 12 years since I finally accepted the divorce, and put it out of my head that they could ever get back together again.

Guess they showed me huh?

Posted by Frinklin at February 21, 2005 06:47 PM
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