February 25, 2005

From the “Dead Horse” category

I’m going to talk about The Sith Lords one last time, so bear with me. When I, and just about everyone else played the game, the feeling was that the ending didn’t work, like it was incomplete.

That turns out to be correct. It seemed incomplete because it was. Buried on the PC Version are programmer notes, audio clips and plot summaries that show Obsidian started out as ambitious -more so really- as Bioware was for the original. LucasArts put a stop to that by forcing OE to rush the game out for a Christmas release. The information that has been ripped out by enterprising gamers is pretty impressive.

-The end mess with the Remote and GOTO? HK was supposed to make the rescue, but since the HK factory was cut, that was too.
-Wondering what happened to all of the companions during the end? Well, the original ending had all of them included. Especially interesting is an ending where Atton was captured by Sion and turned to the dark side. Eventually he murders the Disciple.
-More exposition on Mira, who was included in the final scenes for no apparent reason.
-Visas sacrificing herself to save the Exile

All of this, and a little more, can be found here. It isn't totally coherent, but you can muddle through.

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