March 14, 2005

A week before my anniversary, can you believe it?

I lost my wedding ring today. No, I managed to find it, but for about a half-hour I was freaked out. My ring is the only piece of jewelry I wear, unless you count a watch. It was at close of business this afternoon. I had it on all day, but then when I got to the car, I noticed it was gone. I've been having problems with it for a while now. I don't know if it was sized right, or my hand has shrunk or what, but it just falls off now and then. Once, when I was gesturing wildly for some reason it flew off and nearly cracked Ensie in the head. Anyway, I ran back upstairs, and retraced all of my steps throughout the day. I also let the security people know and they promised to talk to the cleaning staff. After a half-hour of searching, I gave up and decided to call the wife. She took it well, better than me in fact. I decided to check one last thing. I had used the restroom right before leaving, and I checked the sink, and... wait a minute. I dried my hands too. So, I went rifling through the garbage in the men's restroom. Not something I'm terribly proud of, but it worked. My right was in the middle of a used paper towel. It must have come off as I dried.

And yes, my first anniversary is in exactly one week. Not the way I wanted to spend it.

Posted by Frinklin at March 14, 2005 09:32 PM
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