March 20, 2005

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down...

... and apparently, you can't keep me down either. Mediocre Fred here. You may have seen my work at the recently retired Mediocre Fred's Mediocre Blog. I decided that I no longer had the time to maintain my own blog, and hung up my keyboard. However, my man Frinklin apparently decided that he couldn't let my voice be lost to the blogosphere, and offered my a guest writing spot on his blog, an offer I gratefully accepted. So thank you, Frinklin, for your belief in me.

For those of you who aren't familiar with me, I'm sort of Frinklin's mirror image. He's a Republican, I'm a Democrat. He's West Coast, I'm East Coast. He's American League, I'm National League. He's married, I'm single. Despite (or perhaps because of) our differences, we've become mutual admirers of each other's work.

In terms of what you can expect from me, expect anything. As Frinklin can attest, I write about just about anything: baseball, politics, history, literature, popular culture, random gripes, everyday occurrences, etc. My busy schedule will probably mean erratic posting, but I promise to be entertaining, informative or at least long-winded whenever I do manage to post.

Now, one last thing... Frinklin, we've got to talk about the title of this blog. Maybe I could get equal billing? "Frinklin and Fred Speak" works for me...

Update @2:49PST Ask and Ye Shall Receive-Frinklin

Posted by Mediocre Fred at March 20, 2005 02:13 PM

Waiting for your input on the steroid hearings. I saw The Crucible last Saturday and there's a faint McCarthyism in Congress on this topic, I think. Jose Canseco as Elia Kazan?

Posted by: PG at March 23, 2005 03:41 PM
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