April 10, 2005

What the HELL?

I was watching the Nationals-Marlins game via the Sports In Demand free MLB preview week (which I would buy if I could ever convince my wife), via the Marlins feed. First of all, the announcer is Rich Waltz, which kind of wierds me out. The other thing that got me is the "this telecast is property of the Florida Marlins and MLB and may not be disseminated... blah blah blah" message is done by and advertiser. Yeah, they cut to the end of some personal injury attorney’s ad and there his is giving the spiel. Does this mean the Marlins sold the rights to this? Can they do that? Does any other team?

Just odd as hell; this creepy guy giving the message while his “HAVE YOU BEEN INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT” message flashes below him. Just wrong…

Posted by Frinklin at April 10, 2005 10:43 AM

Maybe they thought having an attorney do it would make it carry more weight.

"If we catch you taping this game, showing it to your friends, talking about it, miming it, re-creating it in your dreams or even thinking about it during a particularly boring stretch of your commute I will know. And I will sue your ass. Now back to the game."

Posted by: Zygote at April 10, 2005 05:48 PM
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