April 16, 2005

Your Sonics: Slowly collapsing like a flan in the cupboard.

The NotQuiteSuperSonics finally won again, clinching the Northwest division. The Supes have won 51 games, or about twice what I thought they would at the beginning of the year.

You really have to wonder though; this team has been stuck on a magic number of 1 for more than a week, and loses six in a row before clinching against an awful Hornets team. This season, for all its surprising success, has seemed really bittersweet. The chances of Ray Allen leaving are growing every day. Howard Schultz has all but announced he wants to sell the team, and Nate McMillan, the most popular Sonic of the past 20 years, hasn’t gotten a contract extension. Now this, a fluttering team facing the prospect of the Nuggets, 24-2 over the last month and change- in the first round.

When this season started, I thought the Sonics would suck. They surprised me, and now make the playoffs as a division champ. I don’t they’ll do anything once they get there though. If they take on Denver, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them swept.

Weird-ass NBA season.

Posted by Frinklin at April 16, 2005 12:11 AM
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