April 20, 2005

Freestuff ‘05 II: The Quickening

After a difficult week of waiting, The Missus’ boxes (all 9 of them) from the Bob’s Hogs and Wiener Pigs’ Vender Expo finally showed up on Monday. As you can see from her blog, we made quite the mess going through it all. Our haul was an impressive one. I picked out about 2 dozen books, ranging from must-reads like Pulitzer Prize winner Stacy Schiff’s look at Benjamin Franklin in Paris to bizarre curios like The Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters. Many of the books are advance reader copies of titles not available yet.

We didn’t get just books either. Ensie picked up dozens of CD’s. Most of them are relative or completely unknown, but some names were included like U2, Tori Amos and Jimmy Eat World, plus the inexplicably popular Michael Buble and Simon Cowell’s pop-opera monstrosity Il Divo.

DVDS? Yep, got them too. Again, mostly unknown stuff highlighted by (for me) End of the Century, a documentary about the Ramones and (for her) the long-awaited DVD special edition of License to Drive starring both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Yes, you read that correctly, a special edition License to Drive. With never-before-seen deleted scenes and bloopers no less. No word on any dual-Corey drug-fueled debauchery. Ensie also went nuts in the Showtime both, or rather the Showtime booth went nuts with her, giving out DVD previews of Queer as Folk, Fat Actress, Bullshit, Family Business and a couple upcoming made-for-TV movies I can’t even remember.

The fun part of this, besides the sheer joy of piles and piles of free junk, is the utter randomness. The Expo is meant to showcase upcoming product releases, but that doesn’t much explain the DVDs of Oceans Eleven and Anchorman or the soundtrack to Save the Last Dance. I’ll do my best to pull interesting stuff out of this and tell people about it. I’ve already made one find, Sails on the Horizon, a Napoleonic Wars book that owes much to the Horatio Hornblower and Master and Commander series.

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