April 28, 2005

The brave new world of School fundraisers

As in most office settings, we here at Comhugeco are plagued with children’s fundraisers. In the 2 short months I’ve been here we’ve been hit up for magazines, candy bars, homemade cupcakes and now smencils. What in the name of all that is good and decent is a smencil you ask? Just sound it out… smencil…”S” –something pencil…stolen pencil….silver pencil? Scented Pencil?

Yes, scented pencil.

For those of you who haven’t seen these things yet, just imagine this. They come in sealed packages, and instead of normal yellow, they’re a dusty gray material that seems to disintegrate in your hand. And they smell of various things like pineapple or strawberry or bubblegum. It is a very strong scent too. Like strong enough to be picked up across the office. Now, I can almost understand the novelty of a scented pencil, but I’m hoping –for all our sakes- that the damned things wear off quickly. Can ya’ll imagine three, four days down the line, being continually assaulted by pineapples?

Just wrong… go back to candy bars. Everyone loves a Snickers.

Posted by Frinklin at April 28, 2005 06:20 PM
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