May 08, 2005

The NBA Playoffs: What the hell happened?

No, seriously, what the hell happened? We get only two Game 7s in the first round and they end up 40-and-27 point blowouts?

What the hell is up with that?

Well, we're on to round two and I only blew it on two series: Indiana stretched the Celtics to a seventh game and just torched them at home, and the Nuggets collapsed like the playoff neophytes they are.

#1 Miami Heat over #5 Washington Wizards in 5
Miami just looked awesome against New Jersey, while Washington was one Gilbert Arenas miracle shot away from an awful collapse in game 5.

#2 Detroit Pistons over # 6 Indiana Pacers in 6
I have no idea how Indiana humiliated Boston like that, but it's the end of the road for the Pacers. Detroit looked very good against the Sixers, and they are staring down at a matchup with Miami

#1 Phoenix Suns over #4 Dallas Mavericks in 6
Despite winning by 40 in the final game, Dallas never really stopped (or even controlled) Tracy McGrady. You think that D is going to be able stop Stoudamire, Johnson, Marion et al?

#2 San Antonio Spurs over #3 Seattle SuperSonics in 7
I'm probably going out on a limb by even predicting this series goes the distance. Seattle looked better against the Kings than I had hoped, an Ray Allen has been unstoppable so far. Still, San Antonio wasted a very good Denver team. I've learned my lesson.

Posted by Frinklin at May 8, 2005 12:51 AM

I think Dallas will beat Phoenix in 6 games. I also think Detroit will win in 4 over Indiana.

Posted by: John at May 9, 2005 02:14 AM
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