May 29, 2005

A question of movie etiquette

I went to see Revenge of the Sith again yesterday, this time on a DLP screen. This mid-afternoon showing was a complete sell-out. Now, the Missus and I are professional movie watchers. Buy the tickets online the night before, get lunch and line up in plenty of time. We got some nice seats about halfway up the theater and on the end. About 20 minutes before Showtime, the usher made an announcement that the show was a sellout and he requested that people begin moving down the row to close one-seat gaps and open up seats for latecomers.

And my response to that is “Bite Me”. I did things right, I waited in line and got the seats I wanted. If you are dumb enough to come to a big movie right before it starts, you should expect to get lousy seats. If that means you sit on the end of aisle 3 and your girlfriend is halfway in on aisle 14, maybe that’s God telling you to plan ahead. I don’t sacrifice my comfort for your personal foolishness. My wife says movie karma will come around and bite me in the ass for this, but if I am dumb enough to be a latecomer, I deserve bad seats.

Oh, and if you’re bringing large groups of children under the age of 8 to a movie rated PG-13, and feel the need to talk incessantly through it, reminding your kids to “close your eyes” and “the younglings are just sleeping”, perhaps you should shut the hell up and wait for DVD. Or at least sit somewhere other than right behind me, because at one point I was sorely tempted to rip the straw from my Jumbo Diet Coke and use it to crudely gouge your eyes out. Lastly, why was it worse to see the dead-but-seemingly-intact bodies of the kiddies then to see Anakin laying in molten lava with his legs and arm cut off, on fire and screaming in pain? Which is more likely to cause childhood nightmares?

Posted by Frinklin at May 29, 2005 11:05 AM

I've run into that, "Please move and fill in the seats" thing a couple of times. I never do it.
In my mind, If someone want to sit together, like my wife and I, then they should get their ass to the theater on time.
Don't come waddling in there at the last second and just expect everyone to move for you.
I get there early enough to pick the seat I want, I shouldn't be cheated out of it for some loser.

Posted by: Zygote at May 30, 2005 12:27 PM

I couldn't agree more, especially with underage children going to see this film.

I don't know what the culture for this is in the States but in Ireland theres a big amount of "parent concern" with children being exposed to violent films, video games, etc. What I find so bloody funny is the same parents shout and scream about this kind of thing are usually the ones who are bringing their kids to a PG-13 film.

My example is thus, a mother and father and their 2yr old son sat right behind me when I went to see ROTS and instead of me being able to enjoy the dynamic visual display, the aesthetic creativeness of the Star Wars universe, the character development of a young Jedi Knight falling to the dark side and becoming the big man we all love to hate. I had to listen to something that was louder than an ambulence siren. Which I think you have to admit is pretty distracting. 20 mins into the film I asked her if she could do something about his crying, her response, "no..... he's teething". He's teething, well fair play to him!!!!

But of course when I'm King of the universe all that is going to change..... MUHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHH.....

Posted by: Dances With Pandas at June 2, 2005 03:15 AM
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