May 31, 2005

I wish this were a normal day

This should have been an ordinary Tuesday. I was worried and pensive all day today. It was nightmarishly busy around the office. We finally have solidified plans for the weekend after next's home-buying trip. The Missus has her own work issues, as with the weekend, combined with her trip, she hasn’t been in the office in 2 weeks.

And none of it mattered to me today. My father has cancer surgery tomorrow afternoon. As much as I try not to be, I’m terrified of what they will find. Or will not find. Or anything else that I can think of. My parents are handling this well, I think. Dad is very stoic and that seems to be rubbing off on Mom. She told me this weekend that she’s ready for anything.

Except the worse. Nobody talks about that, and I don’t blame any of us.

Posted by Frinklin at May 31, 2005 09:48 PM
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