June 13, 2005

Housing makes up 1/4 the US GDP, and the Frinklins have done their part.

Offer, counter-offer, counter-counter-offer... and finally, acceptance.

With the signing of the (hopefully) final offer tonight, the Missus and I are now committed to buying a charming early-craftsman home in Tacoma. The last few days have been a bizarre combination of marathon and dizzying sprint.

We have the roller-coaster that is escrow ahead of us, starting with the inspection sometime in the next seven days. If everything goes well, we take possesion on July 19th.

Which is, of course, about 2 weeks before we'd planned on moving, so that-along with how to pay for various moving expenses- is what we have to figure out now.

Posted by Frinklin at June 13, 2005 10:58 PM

Congrats! Want to post a picture of the new house?

Posted by: RP at June 14, 2005 07:36 AM
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